Who are we?

Revenue-generating Marketing Specialists

Whilst some may view that as a personal question, we always welcome the chance to introduce ourselves. We’re The One Percent and we pride ourselves on being marketing strategy experts. Some even go as far as calling us geniuses (which makes us blush at times, but we’ll take it). Either way, our focus is on actionable insights and measurable results that will help further your business.

Combining analytic science, creative ideation (skilled magic making) and solid strategy, we solve the toughest marketing problems out there. We are experts in our field and entrepreneurial in our thinking, putting us in a position to identify revenue-generating marketing solutions, even when there appears to be none. We don’t mean to get ahead of ourselves here, but we may just be the problem solvers, market mavericks and beyond-the-box thinkers you’ve been looking for.

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We're for you if you want:

strategic marketing consultant


You want measurable, impactful business results, delivered in days and weeks, not months. (It’s often said that good things take time, but they should never take THAT long).

strategic marketing consultant


You crave actionable insights and marketing ideas that make a real difference, not just more ineffective, obvious information. (You’re busy and you really don’t have time for that).

strategic marketing consultant


You require strategies that put the needs of your business first, not the needs of ours. (It’s not often that everything is about you but at The One Percent, it always is). 

strategic marketing consultant


You want to work with best-in-class marketing specialists. (You do? Stop it! You’re making us blush again!)

strategic marketing consultant


You need a differentiating business strategy that will give you a competitive edge.

strategic marketing consultant


You’re looking to get as much value from your spend as humanly possible. (Talk is cheap, wasted budget however, is not). 

strategic marketing consultant


You’re forward thinking (like we are) and want to create a sustainable business in any given economic climate.

strategic marketing consultant


You wear many proverbial hats and need an addition to your team to help question objectives and optimise spend. (Think of us as your wingman, everyone needs one of those!)


The Difference

We’re not the typical run-of-the-mill “full-service,” “integrated,” design or development agency that offers everything but specialises in nothing. We focus on the things that we do brilliantly, we’re best-in-class marketing specialists. We’re opposed to the “Jack of all trades” mentality and prefer to be the master of revenue-generating marketing solutions. Our clients are those that look for a unique approach to an effective blend of strategy, creative ideation and analytic science that creates measurable, business impacting results.

We have no interest in selling you any specific recommendations, as we don’t execute our ideas. By removing the profitability bias from execution, our business model allows us to provide you with the best marketing ideas and solutions without thinking about how much we can make off executing the idea itself. We realise that this leaves a lot of money on the table, but we don’t care. It allows us to think freely regardless of the price tag because at the end of the day, we’re looking out for you. (It’s all quite liberating, really!) Since we don’t execute our ideas, clients are free to use their own resources. But should they be more comfortable with us overseeing the execution, we’re always happy to do so. Either by working with their existing agency, or providing a list of preferred partners to ensure the delivery of exactly what they need.

The One Percent places your needs at the heart of the business and you could say that our love of money is trumped by our love for what we do. (If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, well… then we just don’t know).

We are committed to being noncommittal… but in the best possible way, working by project and not by retainer. This ensures that our ideas and strategies are the very best, every time and never just enough to keep the client ‘happy’ for the sake of protecting a retainer. Everything we do revolves around one simple question, “Will this solve the marketing problem or not?” No politics, hidden agenda, financial bias or bullshit. Just objective, revenue-generating marketing and a model that tends to keep our clients coming back. Which is exactly how we like it.

What we can do

Our Services


Looking for that elusive light bulb? We provide innovative ideas that solve larger marketing problems and answer puzzling business questions that you may face on your road to growth.

“How can we acquire more customers?”
“How can we retain existing customers?”
“How can we increase revenue per customer?”
“Does our brand look fat in this?”

We’re just kidding on that last one but honestly; it’s enough to keep anyone up at night. Rest-assured this is what we do and in our opinion, we do it best. In order to do this, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ data to bring insights to life and develop one-of-a-kind marketing ideas and ingenious strategies that will improve your bottom line.


Size doesn’t always matter – we’re up for boosting small businesses too! Our clients play many roles and we know this (they’re skilled like that). At times however, they need an extension to turn to for expert advice in the way they would a Marketing Manager. Pick us to join your team (we’re sure we’d get along just fine) and we’ll tell you what’s working and what isn’t in terms of your marketing. We’ll optimise your spend and even find new ways to produce more business that costs you less. After all, revenue-generating marketing solutions is what we do best.


“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” – Thomas Edison.

Old Thom was clearly on to something and at The One Percent we believe that coming up with a great idea is only 1% of the work (if only it were that easy). Years of experience have taught us that you need a solid strategy in place to make up the other 99% to guarantee the results you’re after. Lucky for you, we’re really good at this too. (We’re pretty much marketing unicorns…)

We do:
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
Business Strategy
Brand Strategy
Sales Strategy
Differentiation Strategy
(It may seem like a lot of strategy, but it’s our thing. We just get each other).


Meet the talent

Taryn Levine

Taryn Levine

Strategic Marketing Genius

Having worked with some of South Africa’s largest brands for more than eight years, Taryn is no stranger to the strategic sphere. In fact when they met, it was clear that they were meant to be. With a diverse range of industries under her capable belt including Entertainment, FMCG, Hospitality, Retail, Telecom and even Real Estate, Taryn has a keen eye for detail and a mind for marketing. Her repertoire includes the likes of Zimbali Coastal Resort, AEG, The Three Cities Group, Belgotex Floorcoverings, The Blake Group and uShaka Marine World.

Inspired by a unique entrepreneurial spirit and deep-rooted passion for marketing, Taryn has an insatiable zest for consumer behaviour, market research and branding. It is this that drives her to generate innovative strategies to boost her clients’ bottom line. Aspiring to make a long-lasting impression on the marketing and business world, Taryn aims to become the South African “go-to” in her field. With her exemplary educational background forming the foundation of the success she intends to achieve, there’s nothing that can stop her.


  • Honours Degree in Marketing Management.
  • The abridged version of her Honours dissertation was published as an article and presented at the 4th International Business Conference. (Although we’ve only just met, it’s okay to be impressed).
  • Recipient of the prestigious Best Postgraduate Student in the Department of Business Management award at the University of the Free State.

Taryn’s greatest assets can be found in her logical and analytical approach to attaining precise results, alongside her relentless enthusiasm and high productivity rate.